I am screwed


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The moment I first saw her

I knew my life had changed

The feel seems like forever

For this wild heart untamed

I can’t get her off my mind

Not even in my sleep

I am restless all the time

And gets harder to breathe

Every time I wake up

To an early daybreak

I wished she is beside me

In my bed by the lake

But fate has more surprises

That left me harshly screwed

That lady have disguises

Were once a brutal dude


So long…


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The way you look at me with those sweet smile
I have the thought of you when i left that aisle
I kept on dreaming one day you will be mine
And live each day beside you until we expire

But sadly my condition is not that strong
With you beside me they say is very wrong
Most of them strongly warned just to stay away
Away from you in my life is the better way

But I cannot stop dreaming being with you
With those sweet caresses I’m longing to
That kind of feeling as my hand slides
On your head especially with your sides

If only I do not have this sensitivity
The scent of you makes me suffer severely
I wish the next person will make you happy
So long oh my cute cuddly smelly puppy

Our Fate


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What shall we do with the time we’ve wasted
For the friends we loved and those we hated
What will become of those laughter we cast
Those moments are gone and lost to the past

What shall we do with the hardships we shared
The sorrow we braved and the tears that we shed
What will become of the memories that haunt
The bad deeds we did to the people we affront

What shall come in the morning of the days
Of those who remember our purpose and ways
What will they say on our sorrow and pain
After greed and plunder that brought us to shame

After all, we are just drifting on our fate
With the good and bad writings on our slate
Let frustration and guilt rot and decay
Those are past that makes who you are today



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A glimpse of you
Is like deja vu
At the passenger terminal
Along a busy queue

You looked at me
I returned a smile
As the time stopped
In long stretched aisle

Crowded as it seems
The line slowly goes
Every moment you glanced
I wonder and froze

This started a confusion
That raised my suspicion
Then I just realized
I’m facing my reflection

The Wait


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Over the horizon i foresee
With the faint images of thee
You’re alone and melancholy
Lingering for someone patiently.

Why would you be so worry
With that someone faithfully
Perhaps that might be a fantasy
That can hurt you dreadfully.

Just glance up a little more
Let your shine sparks a glamour
Some might come from obscure
And reveal its you that they adore.

But dont be such a rabbid whore
With everyone who comes at your door
You just can’t have them all
You might plunge into a pitfall.

A night in the countryside


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As the moonlight shine the mountains
The stars start to flicker one by one
Humming wind eases the roughness
From the day’s unforgiving sun.

Chilling wind caresses the night
Serenading them softly and low
Night critters goes out to mingle
Under the moon’s mesmerizing glow.

The calm river chimes in its flowing
Flickering waves illumes the riverside
The fleet of clouds keeps on sailing
Shadowing the sleeping countryside.

As the sun lifts the shroud covering
Of mountain tops to the grass plains
The flowers bow to dew drops falling
As the sun kisses them once again.

March of a wounded heart


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Eloping from grief
Away from abysmal soul
Steaming qualms of faith
And breaks open a blackhole

Drowns in misfortune
Into the depths, slowly sinks
With clogged emotions
Life’s tether is on the brink

Wounded heart at hand
With fading life drips
Leaks like hourglass sand
Awaits for another flip

Forge ahead it march
With hopes on the other side
Solace in it’s grasp
Waiting for soul to confide

’til the day


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Where have you been all my life
I kept on waiting ’till you passed by
I wonder how it took you for so long
To notice that I’ve been here all along

We managed to vent both our feelings
But it seems our fate is very deceiving
Why would they put us world apart
And let us make a brand new start

Hope is always our line to cling on
But we are always razed with frustration
I hope we can stand still against the time
‘Till the day we both say “you are mine”



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Like a fiery vengeance
Grasped in open hand
Cuts the loathed foe
Stains your own land

Hate surges like flood
Shatters the weak soul
Spilling the divine blood
Of both sides involved

Anger drives men crazy
Like a tropical storm
Loss are assessed lately
When started to mourn

Forgiveness is not easy
And not for everyone
Don’t wait until query
What have I done?